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At The BeYOUTee Bar, all of our skin treatments are performed by a Licensed Esthetician who's a skin specialist—using only the best professional skin care line- Dermalogica, in all our treatments for retail.

Our skin specialists are also Dermalogica Experts and Brand Ambassadors.

If it's your first time visiting us for skin treatment, we recommend the ProSkin60 customized treatment.


Starts with a double cleanse to ensure skin is prepped, then the rest of the treatment is tailored to your skin's needs and your top concern at the time of the appointment. Usually, a form of product exfoliation is done, followed by a steam and the option to do extractions, then a deeply concentrated
mask is applied while massage is done. This treatment always ends with dermal layering, toning serums, moisturizer and sun protectant.

Great for those looking to work on skin concern, ex. Maintaining breakout activity, calm inflammation, deeply hydrate, reduce pigmentation etc., every 3-4 weeks.

Try adding on Dermaplaning($55+) for deepening exfoliation, Cooling Contour Mask($20+) for deep hydration or the ProBrightSkin($45+) for a brighter complexion.

Cost: $60+
Length: 30 minutes


A custom treatment begins with a double cleanse to ensure proper removal of makeup, debris, sunscreen etc. A skin analysis is performed, and you will be asked about your skin and your goals. This treatment is completely tailored to you and your skin's needs at this time. Most likely, a form of exfoliation will be done with steam and extractions (if needed); next, a relaxing massage is done to promote muscle memory and remove tension; a deep treatment mask typically is applied on top of concentrated serums to penetrate concentrated ingredients. Some steps might be added, skipped or shortened depending on your unique needs at this time. It always ends with dermal layering, toning serums moisturizer and sun protectant.

Great for seasonal maintenance 4x yearly, New clients wanting to experience a full treatment or prep before a special event or brides before the wedding.

Try adding on Dermaplaning ($55+) for deepening exfoliation or the ProBrightSkin($45) for a brighter complexion.

Cost: $110+
Length: 60 minutes